My Kind of Vacation


So last 11th June 2017, God had been so good to me because He let me have my annual vacation out of work and back to my family’s arms, and I could say that it was very good. Though it could also been considered “the usual”, because like any previous vacations which I had when I almost spent my time alone in the room doing nothing. I could say that I had lots of “dolce far niente” moments. Sounds boring but for an introvert like me, there is no better way of spending my holidays than to spend it with peace and solitude. During my whole “alone” time, I managed to finish 72 chapters of this wonderful book I bought before my vacation started (there are 36 chapters more). Kinda slow but I will get there for sure 🙂

P.S sa nahiraman ko ng medyas, hindi ko na sya nabalik. soweeee..

Week 1 was an adjusting period for me. From a #workfilledeighttosixkindofroutine to a #nomoreworkandearlygetup type of scenario, it felt I had to adjust myself first before I realize that “Yes Marj, you’re now in your vacation holiday and the only thing you need to do is to do nothing but enjoy”. It was also not easy especially when you were so get used to doing something and you worry too much that whatever you left might not be done well while you’re away. But somehow, this whole “vacation mode” thing eventually sunk in to me and I started to do the things I planned of doing while I was there.

Week 1 was actually the “birthday week” for me, my brother and my father. Nothing extravagant happened, unlike before where we usually invite friends or relatives over to our house and prepare something. We just spent an overnight stay to a beach resort (Kamantigue Beach & Diving Resort to be exact, located at Brgy. Pagkilatan, Batangas City). Check it on at “Malapit ba kamo? Dun tayo sa Kamantigue”

Week 1 had a lot of going here in there, a lot of dining out with parents and siblings. I could say that there was also no better way for us to be together but to have our choice of place and eat. Not only until now when I realized our family’s own way of bonding was actually “eating” (and nope, you can barely see it in our bodies, except my father’s). We also did our usual bonding which was the massage c/o Mont Albo Spa which is located in the city. I did it along with my parents and younger sister. My brother Ico was not able to do it with us because he was on duty then.

(photo taken at Ginazel’s Restaurant’s eat-all-you-can buffet, check them on at )
(photo taken at Shakey’s Batangas City, check them on at )
(photo taken at Max’s Restaurant SM City Batangas, check them on at )
(photo taken at Butch Seafood & Grill Restaurant Batangas City, check them on at  )
(just chillin’ out with my dear sissy at Starbucks SM CIty Batangas…)
(and with my brother dear at Laiya San Juan Batangas)
Our Father & Mother dear, just one of the many snapshots during our dates… “May Forever 🙂

One thing I like about being there in the Philippines during summer (or summer going to rainy season) is the fact that I do not need to do any exercise just to sweat it all out. There, even when you’re lying only in your bed doing nothing or even taking a bath, you will be sweating all over – from head to toes – no exception. But I like it because it feels like I am having a work-out every day or going in a sauna every time and I find it refreshing, and since I am always inside an AC-dependent household and office in my foster country where I seldom experience sweating, these times in my life are truly a blessing.

Week 2 was an adventurous one. I and my brother went to this “Laiya Adventure Park” in San Juan, Batangas. Check it on at “We did it”

I could say that we had a blast there as I was really looking forward to have an outdoor, fun-filled and thrill-filled activity during my vacation.

We went on a trip during week 3 – a trip to Villa Escudero located at Tiaong, Quezon. The trip was actually requested by our dear Mother because she has not been there yet (and us as well). Check it on at itong marating ni Mother”

 During the fourth and final week, well, I got cough and cold (unfortunately). The weather was kind of moody, it did affect my immune system. This week was about meeting with my goddaughter-slash-niece Jaja (Loisa Janelle). The first time I saw her, she was still a baby way back in 2016. And now she grew a bit already. We did not had so much time to spend to play and to get to know each other better, but we will get there eventually.

(Jaja and her pretty mom…)

This week was also about buying “pasalubong” again (hehehe), and I kinda like that part too. Leaving and going back was such a sad thing to think about though, but I also love the thought of going back to reality at times – my work and my “almost” independent life – and see if I could somehow put on some changes and start over. Well hopefully I can.


Merci Beaucoup!


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