Unplanned Always Wins (At The Top SKY)


The famous Burj Khalifa is always known as one of the captivating tourist spots in Dubai, UAE. They say that the visit will never be complete without one having to visit the place. The first time I saw it was Dec 2012. It was my first UAE National Day and I went there with some good friends back then. To have a photo of it as a background is one great thing for me, and to have actually step inside and make it to the top is another. I always had two things in my bucket list when it comes to stepping into it – first is to see it during daytime and second is to look through it  at night.

We did not “originally” planned to go that day (9th of June 2017) as we (me, my sister and brother-in-law) had other “planned” activity that day which unfortunately did not happen due to unforeseen events. It was a last-minute deal between the three of us, and voila!, we were there. It felt like I joined an “Amazing Race” that day. Going from this “planned” to “unplanned” thing was made of a lot of riding a taxi, and then switched to taking the Dubai Metro, and then running (seriously) along Dubai Metro walkway and inside Dubai Mall just to be in Burj Khalifa’s reception on time. And yep!, we made it.


We arrived there around 11:00a.m., and the queue for tickets was not that long. There were several price options for tickets, depending on what time you are going and on which level you plan to go, that is, either the 124 and 125th (which always go along together), or the highest allowed observation deck at 148th. If you choose 148th, you will be allowed to go down to 124 and 125th afterwards, so, we chose it. The personnel first asked us to wait on some other guests scheduled on the same time, and after a while, they had escorted us through they say “special” elevators which will bring us to the top.


Along the way to these “special” elevators, you will see some facts and figures about the making of Burj Khalifa, very informative way to get the boredom out of the visitors’ system while walking. I found it pretty amazing and enjoyed it. My only fear about going to a high place via closed “box” (I am referring to elevators or planes or any closed area), is that, my ears always hurt because of the sudden change in pressure or whatsoever, and it’s kinda uncomfortable. Luckily, I did not feel it there. We took two elevators, the first was I think can accommodate more or less 20 people, and the second one was more or less 10 people. The first one will lead you to 124th and 125th floors, while the second will bring you to 148th. If I estimated it correctly, and please correct me if I am wrong,  going up via the two elevators only took more or less 1-2 minutes and you will barely feel it (and it’s a great thing). Any excess time might be caused by the queue to the elevators itself. Upon reaching our destination, we were given a chance to go on our own, explore it and cherish all the moments up there. And we did!


Please check on our video at https://youtu.be/qMpsoH7z7GM


Merci Beaucoup!


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