My Own Version of Life’s Lessons and Realizations…

(written randomly)

Accept it or not, but in reality, none of your friends or family can be there for you 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, and so do you for them – so quits lang and don’t feel bad about it.

May mga tao talagang dadating sa buhay mo (at work or everywhere), na they will try to manipulate you, and they will try to be the “superhero” at all times. Let them be, kung doon sila masaya eh. You don’t need to compete.

There are people talaga na they will always make you feel that their opinions are the right and the best ones; say yours outright and confidently, and if they don’t accept it, let them be. You are not there to sugar-coat. You don’t really need to agree or disagree, either way, you’ll just end up feeding their f**k**’ egos. Let them talk, listen, and LET IT GO.

Hindi ka required ikwento lahat sa family, or best friends, or friends mo. No one will pay attention coz they have their own lives and stories. Focus on your story and learn how to be happy for yourself alone.

Pero hindi naman din ibig sabihin na dahil minsan walang gustong makinig sayo, ganon din ang gagawin mo sa kanila. As much as possible, learn how to listen din because who knows, that person really needs an ear at that point in time.

No one in this world has the ability to be present and available always for someone in need; but it does not mean that you have to be one of these “no one”. You can be the “exception” if you choose to.

Be kind. Always. (Yeah right, for this, I am still in-progress. Wag biglain ika nga…)

It’s pretty normal to feel guilty when you have done something wrong. Just make sure that you will not drown yourself in guilt. You chose to do it because of your own reasons, no need to explain yourself why you did it, accept it, forgive yourself, learn the lessons, and move on.

You have no obligation in any form to PLEASE any one in this world. It is not really a necessity for you to have everybody to like you; no matter what you do there will be people who will dislike you; focus to those who like you and chose to be with you or stay with you.

Make improving yourself a habit. Try and do things to become better, not to overrun someone or other people, but to open and prepare yourself for bigger challenges.

Challenge yourself. Do the things you think you can’t and prove yourself wrong. Do it for you, not for others.

Go out there whenever you have the chance and meet Mr. Sun. Walk, run, or whatever it is you want. Do it for your body, your skin, your bones, your heart, mind and soul. You will see the difference later on, promise.

Forgive everyday, everyone and even yourself. It’s all in your mind girl (or guys), let it go. Give yourself a favor in letting go of everything which adds weight to your life, and try to live in peace.

Talk to God, E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y; or anytime of the day. Update Him, share everything, even your silly thoughts. Make Him your best friend and partner-in-crime.

Accept that you have your weaknesses. Hindi mo kayang gawin lahat, and that is fine. After all, hindi ka inoobliga ng mundo na gawin lahat. Embrace these weaknesses of yours; they are still part of you; you are not what and who you are if you don’t have them.

Stop self-pity; hindi nakakaganda.

All people have their own “good-mood” days and “bad-mood” days. Try to be more understanding.

Be open to changes. Make your plan as a guide, but never stick to it. Most plans do not happen; after all, unplanned ones can turn out to be the most exciting ones.

Stop saying “when you are ready”. You can never be ready, unless you start doing it.

For your own health and goodness sake, stop worrying.

Masakit umibig, pero masarap at masaya. Kahit nakakapagod, love pa din.

Wag kang malito kung sa mahal mo o mahal ka. Make a choice. Make that f**k*n’ choice.

Yung someone na mahal ka sa mahabang panahon, and you felt and realized that you have taken him/her for granted, and you have noticed that he/she had stopped communicating with you, damn, stop. Sobrang obvious, ayaw ka nyang kausapin dahil nakakota ka na ng heartaches sa kanya. Hayaan mo naman syang maging masaya.

Naniniwala ako sa sinasabi nila na “your current situation is obviously not your final destination”. Kaya kung malungkot ka, go ahead. Kung broken hearted ka, namnamin mo ang sakit. Kasi lahat yan lilipas at matatapos din. One day for sure, gigising kana lang at masasabi mo din sa sarili mo na “I did it!” Cherish everything, even the hard ones, the painful ones. They’re all part of the journey.

Tama din yung sinasabi nilang, “bago ka magmahal ng bago, heal yourself first, and when we say heal, it means heal COMPLETELY.

Wala naman talagang moving on na overnight. So kung feeling mo, stupid kana to still hold on sa isang love story na obviously wala namang patutunguhan, ok lang yan. You’ll get there eventually. Patience is a virtue.

Naniniwala din ako sa sinasabi nila na ang broken heart, it does not necessarily came from a failed relationship. Kasi kahit wala namang “relationship”, pwede ka pa din masaktan. So, don’t feel stupid kasi normal lang yan.

I also believe in the saying, “mistakes are repeated until learned”. Madami ako nyan kaya proven na talaga yan.

Do not compete with anybody – sa personal man yan, sa trabaho, sa pamilya, sa mga kaibigan, kahit sa partner o asawa mo. Kahit twins may difference. Focus on you (never ever forget that).

Hayaan mo na boss mo na lang ang lumutas ng problema (I mean problema sa trabaho). Besides, trabaho nya naman talaga yun. Wag mong gawin ang isang bagay na hindi naman nila pinapagawa sayo at mga bagay na ayaw na nilang mainvolve ka. Hindi mo na yun problema, so wag mo nang problemahin. Do not compete with your boss. Life is unfair, and so does work. Reserve mo na lang yan kapag nakakita ka ng lugar na open na mag-improve ka, hindi doon sa lugar na ang gusto nila, manatili ka na lang sa kung paano ka nag-umpisa. Kung gaano pa man kaliit ang sakop ng ginagawa mo, don’t forget that little things are the primary composition of bigger things so be happy with what you do. I-reserve mo lahat ng magagandang ideas at effort mo sa mga future na makakasama mo pa. And, love what you do, not the people (but respect them as much as you can).

May mga taong sasagad ng pasensya ng isang tao (either ikaw sa kanila, o sila sayo). Just keep it there. Suntukin mo ang pader o sipain mo lahat ng madaanan mo. Pero wag mong ibibitaw ang inis mo kahit kanino. Sabi nga nila, hindi mo na mababawi pa ang mga salitang nabitiwan mo na. And walang kamatayang “LET IT GO”. Pag hindi, you are killing yourself.

Guys, please, never talk about someone behind their back, especially if the matter does not really involves you. Try not to get engaged with someone who does it. It’s so unhealthy. (I have my own experiences with this, so I can tell, it will not do you any good.) In connection with this, if you know someone who does this, as much as possible if you can, avoid him/her. If he/she does it to someone, for sure he/she will do the same with you. Trust is always a big word.

Life’s lessons and realizations will be endless and unlimited. Madadagdagan pa ‘to, promise.



(to be continued)


I mentioned in my profile that I am currently in love with “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” show. In one of their episodes, Kourtney said, “The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships”. I forgot the name of the author or person who originally said it, but I want to share it with you as well. And it’s true. Kahit ako guilty ako jan kasi hindi din ganon ka-stable yung connection or relationship ko sa family, friends, colleagues, etc. But, let’s try to fix it. I mean, I will work on it, and you should too.


Ikaw, anong kwentong realizations mo? Drop your thoughts in the comments box below. I would love to hear (or should I say read) from you 🙂


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