This was how I fell in love 13,000 ft. above the ground…

30 December 2017. This day was by far the most amazing event of my life. I actually and literally do not have the words to fully describe the feeling of jumping off a plane trusting a person whom I met only thirty minutes or more before the actual jump. (But to be honest, it was not that difficult to trust him though. If I will be given the chance to do it again, I will still want him to be with me.) 

When I stepped inside that plane, I knew there was no way going back. And when the plane started to pass through the runway and finally flew, I started to feel that my heart somehow skipped a beat or two or more, but that was also the beginning when I finally started appreciating the special perks of that incredible height – the astonishing view, the feeling of “wow, it’s finally happening”, and everything that comes with it. Until now while writing this, I still can feel the rush, the excitement, the indescribable happiness which can only be given by that once-in-a-lifetime free fall experience. The moment I had up there after the free fall was the moment when I told myself I wanted more of this in my life. That 360-degree view of every amazing works of God and men was the view of all time, nothing can be compared (or at least until that point of time). That was actually the view which anyone will love to see every time they open their eyes in the morning and before closing them at night. So breathtaking-heart-stopping experience.

I will not make this post that long because I am also excited to share with you this whole experience of mine. I had waited for this for so long already and finally it happened just in time. Truly, it was worth the wait…


P.S The last photo was actually my favorite (although I was not able to give the best smile there). My knees were literally shaking at that moment, from knees below.. I did not even know why. 


Wait there’s more!

Click here for the actual video:

Special shout out to SkyDive Dubai, Ben and Monica for making all of these possible. And to Ian and Ate Gerlie 🙂

I will definitely do it again.





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