Are they worth it?

This seems to be the question of all questions. Are they worth the time you spend thinking about what happened and how they affect you afterwards? Are they worth the pain you are causing to yourself when you still hold on to the anger or hatred you have for them? Are they worth even the smallest spot in your mind or in your heart or even in your life?

Those people who hurt you, people who used you, people who tried and still even trying to put you down, people who will try harder to look and do better just because they know that you can’t, people who are happy seeing you going through this pain they have caused you – they are all not worth it. I repeat, THEY ARE ALL NOT WORTH IT.

You are worthy of everything more than this, more than the anger and hatred you still keep to yourself because of these people. You are worthy to receive the fairness and justice despite the fact that world and life are both unfair. You are worthy of the peace in mind, heart and soul, and you owe it to yourself.

Forgive not because those people are worthy, but because we are worthy.

As I write this, there is a battle inside me because of this next statement which I am going to say: “But, whether we like it or not, these people deserve forgiveness too. They too, deserve the peace which can only be achieved when we forgive them.” I do not like it, to be honest. When we are angry, we feel that the other person doesn’t have any right to be forgiven or to be at peace. The feelings that only matter when we are in the middle of hatred toward someone, are our feelings and how painful the incident was to us and how much we want to take revenge. We will entertain the feeling endlessly until one day we will realize that we are now doing the same things they have done. And that is when we need to decide whether we will continue on feeding that hatred and anger and annoyance and just be exactly like them or just continue working on the forgetting, forgiving, and moving on. Let’s do it for us, not for them.

Just think of how much energy we lose just by sparing them our most valued time and energy. Remember, they aren’t worth it. They were not, are not and will never be.

Let us just be thankful that we were never favored to be with them for long, because they do not deserve to have us. We deserve better.


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