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I know somewhere out there, I will always have this side of me who me will be fond of writing, be it fiction or non-fiction. I like writing random stuff and thoughts. Most of the time my thoughts are disorganized that I find writing a simple way of organizing them. I can say that I am better writing than speaking or communicating.

I have dreamed of having my own blog, and I am happy it was finally happening, little by little I know it will happen. This simple page now can be a good start.

This blog will talk about of course, most of my life’s roller coaster ride, be it about life, work, love and romance, my dreams and aspirations, my life’s lessons, and so many more. I will also make time to have the amazing people in my life be described and recognized here. After all, that is why my page was titled “Merci Beaucoup” (the French word for “Thank you very much”). I believe that life is a mixture of so many “thank you very much”, no matter what it is, no matter how the situation is, up or down, sad or happy, success or failure, closed and opened doors, etc.

I really do hope that whatever it is that I will post here will give its readers (or should I say future readers, or even random readers) something of value, something that they can keep for themselves, an inspiration, a lesson, a realization, or anything that will be beneficial in improving oneself. I am not trying to please anyone here. In my life, I have seen myself pleasing people and I know it does not do me any good (you will read it along the way).

I am so excited to share so many things and hear from you!

To God be all the Glory!

The Author

I am a Princess because my Father is the Lord my King. Gemini. Year of the Dragon (guess it will explain everything). Filipino. Third of five. Daughter. Sister. Sister-in-law. Godmother. Aunt. BSAM. OFW. God’s forever work-in-progress. CFC-Singles for Christ Abu Dhabi Chapter A2 member (not-so-active, let’s see). Shy and confident at the same time. Closed. Introvert. OC. LOL. Moody. Generous and selfish at the same time. Aspiring entrepreneur, traveler, blogger. Simple. Definitely not high maintenance but have high standards. Boring and can be thrilling at the same time. Friendly (in a way). Sweet, caring, understanding and loving (in a way, or should I say, in a HARD way). Bookworm (in a way). Anxious. Paranoid. Sometimes OA. Jumpy (can’t help it, coffee is irresistible). Buys stilettos and never wears them. Not-so-good at remembering things and people (at least some). Easy to fall, hard to forget (and forgive). “Not everyone’s cup of tea”. Homebody but loves adventures (in times). Best friend (not-so-good I guess, depends). Emotional. Trustworthy but never trusts. Living in the past but working it out. Dreamer and ambitious. Pushing myself to work harder and be better. Complicated, actually, words are not enough. Flawed, but does not let mistakes define me nor make me less worthy.

Movies: Horror (but the first one to scream and get scared). Hallmark movies (so relatable). Rom-com (a perfect blend of tears and laughter). Divine & spiritual. Action-packed. Fiction and out-of-this-world. Animated.

TV: Keeping up with the Kardashians (currently in love with). Game of Thrones. Gandang Gabi Vice. It’s Showtime. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Eat Bulaga.

TV/Movie/Any other personality: Julia Roberts. Khloe Kardashian. JaDine. Kris Aquino. Bo Sanchez. Vice Ganda. Rain or Shine Elasto Painters (Jeff Chan). R.H. Sin & Samantha King. Starting to like AlDub. Ian V. Jodi Sta. Maria. Neri Miranda. Richard & Maricar Reyes-Poon. Pauleen Luna-Sotto.

Music: Bruno Mars. Miley Cyrus. Ariana Grande. Mariah Carey. Taylor Swift. 60’s ‘til-date. Regine V. Angeline Q. Sarah G. OPM.

Books: R.H. Sin & Samantha King. Elizabeth Gilbert. Jojo Moyes. Bo Sanchez.

Quote Unquote

“You may dislike me for how I am towards you, but trust me, the feeling is mutual.”

“Personality and character explains who we are. Attitude explains who the people around us are.”

“Forgiveness is more of our own inner peace, rather than anyone else’s.”

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Notes to Self

“Be kind to one another”.-Ellen DeGeneres

“Avoid abuse, accept annoyances.”-Bo Sanchez