Love-struck By You

“Akin ka na lang,

Iingatan kita…” 15.10.2015

Words from deep within…

"You are my greatest sorrow.

You are my greatest weakness.

And yet you are also my greatest happiness.

My greatest excitement.

My greatest fear…to lose…to let go of…

You are my greatest love.

You are my home.

I am tired of wandering, so please, let me go home…to you."

“Ours is surreal, ours is not perfect. And that’s what makes it so special. Ours is a treasure I would want to keep forever. I hope I could have captured all those special moments I had with you. Moments that I would always look forward to. I love you, and I always will.” 26.11.2016

Mineral water. Tsinelas. Curly Tops. Pandesal. Pansit. Kape. Early morning walk. HKS.